Whey Protein Powder – Rich Chocolate (5 Lbs. / 91 Servings)

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Packed with 17 grams of protein, each serving of Whey Protein Powder fuels you to help you reach your lean muscle gains. This versatile powder also gives you branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) to help build muscle and fight post-workout fatigue. Plus, its high bioavailability means whey protein is well absorbed to act effectively in your system. Only 90 calories per serving, Whey Protein Powder is a delicious way to support a healthy weight-management program. Just add one scoop to cold water, juice or your favorite drink. Benefits: 17 g Protein High-quality protein and amino acids Supports healthy weight management Helps combat post-workout muscle fatigue High bioavailability Maintains muscle growth Low fat Low sugar Rich Chocolate flavor 91 servingsnd with fruit or yogurt, or create your own recipe.

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